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We do not offer visa services for people overseas who are seeking jobs in America.


Candidates for jobs outside the USA are welcome to view our Overseas Jobs for All Nationalities.


Client companies needing visa legal advice are encouraged to contact the The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn



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Jobs are being advertised right now by USA employers who will sponsor you for employment in America!


Finally, there is one source of job openings that are actually being advertised by American employers who are willing to sponsor you for a work visa.  The site it also an excellent source of H1-B visas transfer opportunities if you are currently working here!


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In order to compete successfully in the global marketplace of the 21st century, organizations of all sizes will need to hire the very best employees they can find in this highly technological world. National borders are losing their historic significance as new ideas, new technologies and new products transcend these artificial, imaginary lines to meet the demands of the new millennium. In association with The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn, we have organized overseas recruiting campaigns for some of America’s largest employers since 1979.


Global economics demands that people, too, increasingly need to quickly and lawfully relocate across international borders. Successful organizations will increasingly hire new employees who require work permits and visas. As an employer willing to hire people from overseas, advertise your job openings now!


H1-B Visa Transfers!


If you have a current H1-B visa in the USA send us your resume and let us know when it was first approved -- even if you do not see a matching opening.



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