International Links and Resources


We are pleased to provide these links to International Resources for your convenience. This information does not constitute an endorsement of any of the entities or individuals sponsoring the listed World Wide Web sites. If your company would like to be included as an additional resource, please e-mail us describing your business or service and the category where it should be listed.

International Background Checks

·        The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS), based in Morrisville, N.C., with chapters in Europe, the Asia Pacific Rim and Canada, is trying to standardize the industry. Their goals include providing organization, awareness and leadership to create standards and best practices around the world and a means for background screening firms to work as one entity with government agencies. NAPBS has developed an accreditation program for employment screening companies in the U.S. International members can be found on the Find a Member link on their site.


·        Liberty Alliance is a worldwide provider of on-demand employment background screening solutions that help large and small organizations manage, and control multifaceted screening programs. Many of the most innovative and successful companies utilize Liberty Alliance because the company delivers effective, customer-focused solutions. (NPA Approved Vendor)


·        Owens Online: International background checks for 250+ countries. Established in 1986 what has since evolved into Owens OnLine®, our international credit and background check agency has attracted over 4,300 clients worldwide. Client types include exporters, insurance and insurance related companies, banks, government agencies and other background investigation companies who do not have our wide scope of international services.


·        Advanced Research a global provider of employee background check and employment  screening services. Our employment screening background check will assist organizations in making informed hiring decisions.


·       cid:EB14828D-1AAA-4B43-B408-73464A3B9F8B@local  LOF International Human Resources Solutions ( broad spectrum Human Resources services helping organizations establish and reorganize operations anywhere in the world and addressing all types of global Human Resources programs including, especially, global mobility, compensation and benefits, terms and conditions of employment, administrative infrastructure and global Human Resources strategy. LOF also helps organizations enhance their capabilities for managing ongoing global Human Resources



·        Expat Taxes – Experts in U.S. tax preparation for Americans living abroad.


· is the only free Internet salary site that is licensed, shows its sources, and offers data for both USA, Canada and 207 countries overseas! "It is the most comprehensive salary site on the net", offering salaries, benefits, and cost-of-living information for 30,000+ positions in over 45,000 locations. Also offers a Free Salary Calculator and both a US and Canadian salary calculator, as well as an international salary calculator. The home page offers a convenient salary calculator that is set based on your Internet browser's language. For example, if your language is UK English, it should pull up international locations, including London, England. For the North American calculator, you can quickly look up the prevailing wage for a position by zip code or city and state/province, and by job title or job description. (Copy and paste in your job description and their semantic analysis system will find potential matches in their salary database.)

·        Canadian Compensation Association (CCA) - the premier Canadian organization dedicated to compensation and benefits people.

·        Compensation - Global Remuneration Organization (GRO) provided exchanges and networking opportunities globally for remuneration and benefits professionals.

·       Economic Research Institute (ERI) ERI's Human Resources Codes and Laws Summary of terms, practices, and laws that affect compensation for all U.S. states, Canadian provinces and international countries. Provides over 10,000 organizations with salary survey analyses, geographic differentials, wage surveys, executive compensation, cost of living, prevailing wage, employee benefit data, and compensation and benefits training. The site is an excellent free resource for HR personnel to gain information on national and international laws and practices. 

·       Expatriate Compensation and Employee Services are available through KPMG worldwide.

·       Cost of Living/Expatriate Compensation: Associates for International Research, Inc. (AIRINC) is a leading cost of living consulting firm that assists firms with developing and maintaining Expatriate Compensation programs for multinational and domestic companies.

·        Currency Converter Automatically calculate currency.

·        International Salary Calculator - Use this calculator to compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and International cities.

·        Mercer's International Benefits Guide Excerpts from William M. Mercer's International Benefits Guidelines 1996 includes info on the political climate, benefit and legislative updates, and financing and taxation of benefits.

·        ORC Worldwide. Formerly: Organization Resources Counselors Inc. is an international human resources firm that provides consulting services on expatriate issues, international cost-of-living data, and development and review of expatriate policies. Our HQ address is 1211 Avenue of the Americas, NY, NY 10036. Phone: 212-719-3400.

·        Runzheimer International was founded in 1933 and they are a management consulting firm specializing in domestic and international cost-of-living solutions, employee relocations, group moves, site selection, domestic/international compensation, business travel costs, business driving costs, automobile reimbursement programs and fleet management.

Currency Converters

·        Yahoo Finance – This is the currency converter used at International Staffing Consultants.

·        CNN Money : offers up-to-the-moment conversion rates for world currencies, with crossrates and a robust currency converter.

·        Street Directory : created for travelers, allows users to input any amount and get a conversion right away.

·        Currency Calculator : New Zealand based converter for travelers, automatically changes monetary amounts into local amounts.

·        Coin Mill : offers the conversion of any amount into another and includes all currencies from around the world.

·        Virtual Cities : provides a free converter that covers every type of money worldwide and instant conversions.

·        FX Converter : offers up to date conversions based on the current market rate and include business related information.

·        Widget Box : provides a free conversion tool for users own personal use.

·        X-Rates : offers users the chance to make a conversion and see it in all 164 different types of currencies.

·        Universal Currency Converter : converts any monetary amount in one rate to the equal rate in another area.

·        EBay : provides its own conversion calculator for bidders and users.

·        Universal Currency Conversion : bases conversions on the Canadian dollar.

·        Native Checker : covers the conversion of any amount from one type of currency to another.

·        Bank Rate : automatically converts American dollars into other currencies.

·        Bloomberg : provides over 200 currencies and conversions for each one.

·        FX Top : provides a conversion calculator for the more popular types of currencies.

Employment Intelligence

· summarizes requirements for visa and consulate information for every country in the world.

·        Company Profiles from LexisNexis offers insight to nearly 850,000 company profiles, and has recently expanded coverage to include additional in-depth details on directors, executives and their professional interactions, to help you build relationships that encourage business success.  Includes free trial as well as free business news.

Employment Scams

International Staffing Consultants, Inc. is pleased to provide the following information about employment scams:


Tips To Remember:  Be very skeptical of overseas employment opportunities that sound "too good to be true."

  • Never give money to anyone to find you a job
  • Never pay for or advance travel or other interview or relocation expenses.
  • A legitimate firm will not make you buy your own airline tickets!
  • Never send cash in the mail, and be extremely cautious with firms that require a money order, certified checks or any request for a payment to them! This could also indicate that the firm is attempting to avoid a traceable record of its transactions.
  • Do not be fooled by official-sounding names. Many scam artists operate under names that sound like those of long-standing, reputable firms.
  • Avoid working with firms that require payment in advance.
  • Do not give your credit card or bank account number to anyone before you are employed!
  • Read the contract very carefully. Have an attorney look over any documents you are asked to sign.
  • Beware of an agency that is unwilling to give you a written contract. In fact, be cautious when dealing with any employment agency or hiring company that asks you for a fee!
  • Do not hesitate to ask questions. You have a right to know what services to expect and the costs involved.
  • Do not make a hasty decision. Instead, take time to weigh all the pros and cons of the situation. Be wary of demands that "you must act now."
  • If you do send money, keep a copy of all agreements you sign, as well as copies of checks you forward to the company.

Additional Sources on Job Scams

1)      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Employment scams, also known as job scams, are a form of advance fee fraud scamming where certain unscrupulous persons posing as recruiters and/or employers offer attractive employment opportunities which require the job seeker to pay them money in advance, usually under the guise of work visas, travel expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses.

The scams typically involve lucrative offers of employment in Europe, the Middle East, West Africa, or South Africa with money demanded to be paid to an agency or travel agent for visas or travel costs. These companies often present themselves with official looking websites and documentation. Once the victim has paid the advanced fees for employment, the business either declines employment or ceases operating as soon as the transfer is finalized.

This type of scam has become more and more frequent recently due to the popularity of Nigerian 419 scams, and growing suspicion towards e-mails offering to transfer money from bank accounts, especially those originating in Africa. Unlike 419 scams, job scams tend to mostly target persons looking for employment in other nations such as hopeful immigrants or contractors and operate out of nations with high immigrant and foreign employment rates.

It is advisable to be wary of any job offerings which arrive in e-mail unsolicited and eventually require anyone to pay a fee in advance, particularly if the fee is asked to be paid through a financial services company such as Western Union, or if one must pay the amount to a bank or person in a third country (especially a West African nation) that is suspiciously unrelated to either party. Most reputable companies and/or agencies will absorb these costs themselves if they are the ones seeking the employee.

2)      For comprehensive information about scams of all types we recommend a visit to which is a public educational website covering a wide variety of financial scams and frauds, including wacky “prime bank” frauds, exotic foreign currency scams, offshore investment frauds, tax scams, “Pure Trust” structures and more.


3)      Expat Engineer also offers a comprehensive exposure of several employment scams at

Diversity Visa Program Scammers Sending Fraudulent Emails and Letters

scam_alert430x100.jpgThe US Government, The Department of State, Office of Visa Services, advises the public of a notable increase in fraudulent emails and letters sent to Diversity Visa (DV) program (Visa Lottery) applicants. The scammers behind these fraudulent emails and letters are posing as the U.S. government in an attempt to extract payment from DV applicants. All applicants should be familiar with information about DV scams provided by the Federal Trade Commission. Applicants are encouraged to review the rules and procedures for the DV program so that you know what to expect, when to expect it, and from whom.


·        Masters in Management, Masters in Accounting, and Masters in Finance: Worldwide Overview

The platform “Master in Management Compass” provides information on more than 550 Master in Management and International Business programs and more than 1,000 Master in Accounting, Finance, and Marketing programs worldwide

·        Guide to Masters in International Business Programs: Complete List of US Accredited Masters in International Business Degree Programs


·        Australian Based International Job Sites - International expat engineering, Technical and Construction Job, work and career opportunities and vacancies. - Engineering Jobs Australia Technical and Construction Job, work and career opportunities and vacancies in Australia and New Zealand. Engineering -  Engineering Jobs Europe Technical and Construction Job, work and career opportunities and vacancies in Europe, UK, Britain and Ireland. - Mining, Mineral Processing and Geophysical employment and job
opportunities and vacancies,Mining Jobs,international and Overseas, - International Medical Jobs  Overseas Medical, Nursing and Health Care Jobs and Careers portal for Doctors, Nurses and Medical Professionals. - International Banking, Finance and Insurance Job Portal Overseas Banking, Treasury, Accounting and Insurance Jobs and Careers portal for Finance Professionals. - International Teaching, Education and Training Jobs  Overseas Teacher, Lecturer, Trainer, Educator andAcademic Jobs and Careers portal. -  International Information Technology and computing Jobs, Computing
Development, Administration and Management Jobs and Careersportal.
Teach English As A Foreign Language - Learn to teach English as a foreign language at TITC. The International TEFL Corporation is a professional training organization dedicated to raising standards of teaching and professionalism in the EFL industry.

Other Employment Related Sites

·        ESL Herald was created with the sole intention of being, "the online headquarters for all things ESL."

·        Top Language Jobs is an specialized international online job board for language jobs  in various worldwide locations and 20 international websites, including  recently launched a website in the US -

·        internships abroad - Internships abroad - Spain - Barcelona Madrid Valencia

·        1st Resume Store International - The professionals at A and A Resume have more than 50 years of resume and cover letter writing experience with thousands of satisfied customers from every continent on earth.

  • Expats Direct - online service organization for expatriates providing overseas jobs and a host of support services
  • Expat Network - leading UK company that provides information for expatriates in need of work overseas
  • International Employment Gazette - information on international employment
  • International Staffing Consultants, Inc. - America's leading employer-paid search firm for international positions. Global staffing for most professional level jobs including a range of industries.
  • Jobs in America for Non USA Citizens – Job portal for American firms advertising that they will sponsor foreign nationals for job visas in the USA.
  • LatPro Network -  the fastest-growing employment site for experienced bilingual professionals who speak Spanish / Portuguese and English
  • - provide careers and employment opportunities with Australian and New Zealand companies

·        Working In New Zealand -  Working In New Zealand profiles New Zealand companies specifically interested in recruiting skilled returning New Zealanders or other New Zealand bound professionals. Contact companies directly about employment opportunities

·        SouthCARE Medical Trust : Doctor Job New Zealand

·        Volunteers Abroad, Volunteer placements worldwide, providing unique travel and work experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds

·        Chairty Jobs UK including Not for Profit Jobs in Finance HR
Charity jobs UK include fundraising jobs, marketing jobs, finance jobs, medical secretarial jobs, medical support jobs, charities support vacancies, Charity HR jobs, charity IT positions and executive charity jobs

·        Jobs in Cumbria Find information about living and working in Cumbria, UK.

·        Nuclear Jobs (UK)is a job site dedicated to finding you the best energy industry jobs, careers and vacancies in the UK. The site includes hundreds of vacancies across key UK energy industry sectors, including jobs in nuclear energy, as well as oil and gas jobs, jobs in coal, jobs in electric and renewable energy jobs.

ESL Sites

 Expatriate & Offshore Information Sites

·        InterNations is the biggest global networking site for expats of various nationalities and their family members. At the moment, we have got about 170,000 members in 230 cities worldwide, a substantial percentage of whom comes from English-speaking countries. On our platform, expatriates and their partners can connect with compatriots, ask for advice on everyday life in their host country, provide other members with useful tips, make new contacts and find information in our City Guides.

·        Allo Enjoy Allo' Expat information & communities throughout the five continents. With over 170 users’ nationalities, 164 countries covered – We help Connecting the World. Benefit from our country message boards where you can share personal tips and advice.

·        Singapore Expat Guide: Comprehensive Expat guide on living and working in Singapore.Includes rental guide, apartment search, expat job search, cultural, lifestyle and government resources.

·        American Guide to Canada - interesting site for Americans thinking of going to the "Great White North"

·        American Woman Overseas - national non-profit organization with an international outreach that gives hope and provides resources to American Women living overseas facing Domestic Violence  in their lives

·        Americans Abroad - Greece

  • Americans in France - Resource for Americans and other native English speakers that would like to travel or live in France.
  • - great information for English speakers in southern France
  • Arabnet - The Middle East and North Africa One of the most comprehensive sources of information on most Arab countries in the Middle East and Africa. Excellent source of information for anyone moving to the Middle East
  • Asiaville - premier Gateway to Asia
  • Asia Expat Forum. The forum community for Expats residing in the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacifc regions. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload your own photo gallery and access many other special features
  • Australians International - organization for Australians living overseas
  • AWAL - Around the World in a Lifetime is an organization for US Foreign Service families, and in particular, Foreign Service teenagers between the ages of 13 and 18
  • Canadiana Connection - Information, jokes, famous quotes, products - all things Canadian.
  • Babouchka's - a great Moscow expatriate site
  • Back to My - European Expat Community! Specialized links, forums, photo books, stories and lots of other expats
  • Bangladesh International Community News - a news and information service for expatriates in Bangladesh
  • Bangkok - The Expat's Guide - insightful information from an expatriate in Thailand
  • Bangladesh International Community News -  for expatriates in Bangladesh, for Bangladeshis at home and abroad - for anyone interested in Bangladesh
  • Blackmore World Service - provides details on motor insurance available to expatriates and diplomats
  • Bermuda Online - Bermuda from A to Z for international educators, all visitors and working newcomers
  •  BR Anchor Publishing - recognized experts in relocation, produces domestic and international relocation resources for adults and children. Beverly D. Roman, Publisher, is the author of eleven relocation titles, and publishes the quarterly newsletter, Relocation...2000. We offer hands-on cost-effective relocation direction for individuals and corporations.
  • British Expat Page - free newsletter for UK expatriates around the world
  • Britnet -  One of the biggest contact and resource sites for British expatriates worldwide.
  • Brits Abroad - A place for ex-pats and those interested in British culture
  • Brits In America - For everyone and everything British in America
  • Brits in the United States - geared to UK expats living in USA
  • Canadian Guide to Working & Living Overseas
  • Canadians In China - great web site if you are Canadian and living in China or planning to move there
  • Canadian Living Abroad - Lots of information for Canadians living overseas
  • - web site for Canadians living or thinking of living overseas
  • Contact - Contact the expat community worldwide
  • Costablancalive - provides essential information for UK citizens considering expatriation to Spain and to those who have already expatriated.
  • Dansk-OSS - The site for Danes abroad
  • De Nederlandse Club - The official Dutch Club in Jakarta
  • Distinctly British - have specially selected a broad range of established British companies that produce unique, quality goods which are quintessentially British
  • Easy Expat - International Relocation - Help for expatriates on overseas moving and relocation abroad (Paris, London, Sydney, San Francisco, Montreal, New York, Frankfurt, Madrid, Milan): accommodation, jobs, international schools, health.
  • image005-  Great expatriate resource guide - lots of links
  • - is a web designed to meet the particular needs, preferences and tastes of foreign residents in Spain
  • ExpatBooks - The Book Service for Britons Abroad. Book supply/individual personal advice to adults/ parents for their children. Plus all current UK Best Sellers and individual book requests met.
  • - providing basic information to the expatriate community in Malaysia
  • Expat Corner - Your British Shop Online
  • Expat Essentials - unique company providing a one-stop approach to advise on all the issues arising when someone goes on an international assignment
  • Expat Focus - international living advice, employment overseas, buying property abroad and expatriate mortgages
  • Expat - The biggest and best guide for French community in London.
  • Expat Web Malaysia - interesting site for expatriates in or about to move to Malaysia
  • Expat World - The newsletter of international living - Expat World showing you the world in a way you've never seen before - now goes electronic as well as a hard copy edition. Get your FREE 2 month Trial Subscription now
  • Expatriate Lifestyle - An exciting free magazine that, for the first time, presents the expatriate community within Malaysia with a quality publication
  • Expatriate Press - independent press devoted to publishing books to help expatriate spouses and families recognize, understand, and face the many challenges of moving abroad and coming home
  • Expats - Dedicated to providing an easy to use overseas jobs service for Australian professionals
  • Expat Canadian Meet-up - meet-up with other Canadian expatriates online
  • - expat web site in Brazil
  • Expat Singapore - providing a one-stop online information resource for the large expatriate community, for both the ones already living in Singapore, as well as those about to make the move or considering it
  • Expat - very well designed site for expatriates around the world. Lots of information
  • - Expats living or relocating to Poland, Hungary or the Czech Republic. Find Jobs, accommodation, information and community. Thousands of users, and a totally FREE service to all. Focus on Warsaw, Budapest & Prague.
  • Expat Exchange - Great general resources for expatriates of all nationalities
  • Expat Expert - lots of information for expatriates around the world - purchase Robin Pascoe's informative book "Homeward Bound - Spouse's guide to repatriation."
  • Expat Post - Entertainment, information and FREE email addresses for expatriates worldwide
  • - the online community for expatriates featuring information, classified ads, a resource directory, and discussion board for expatriates
  • Expat Singapore -  good site if you are interested in expatriate resources in Singapore
  • Expat Single International -  a unique expatriate introduction service for expatriates around the world
  • - get advice and helpful information about international relocation, dining, culture, tourism, shopping, community, moms and working abroad
  • EXPAT WORLD - the newsletter of international living - Expat World showing you the world in a way you've never seen before - now goes electronic as well as a hard copy edition. Get your FREE 2 month Trial Subscription now.
  • Expat Expert - informs, advises and offers friendship to the expat spouse. Also assists human resource experts who need to understand the spouse to make the right decisions concerning the lives of families on the move
  • Expats in Bavaria - The first regional internet portal for the Expatriate in Bavaria
  • Expats UK - For expatriates in & visitors to the United Kingdom offering accommodation, job ads, entertainment guides & message forum to meet other expatriates.
  • Expats Reunite - With thousands of members from more than 200 countries we have established ourselves as the truly international site for anyone looking to make friends or find lost friends or contacts anywhere in the world.
  • Euro Expats - Your home away from home
  • For Expats - the biggest resource for expatriates on the Internet. Everything for the expat, whether you are an old hand, or new to expat living
  • French Expatriate site for those of French origin - "Le site d'information pratique des expatriés"
  • Gringo Gazette - bi-weekly newspaper, with news of golf, fishing, hotels, car rentals restaurants and tourist activities in Cabo San Lucas San Jose, Todos Santos La Paz and the East Cape Baja
  • Hello-USA - for those wishing to work, study and move to the USA. Lots of valuable information and access to books on the subjects as well
  • i A g o r a - The Community of International People - excellent expatriate resources and interaction site
  • Interaction - A catalyst and resource to the church and community in ministry to youth and the family
  • International Living - interesting web site for people living abroad. Good travel information as well
  • Korea Infogate - the leading English portal site in Korea with all the information about Korea for foreigners
  • Life In Asia - lots of information on life in Asia
  • Life in Korea - more specific information on Korea - a great resource for expatriates
  • Little India - a monthly feature magazine focusing on overseas Indian life
  • Live & Work Abroad - A guide for expatriates
  • Living in Indonesia - expatriate information site for Indonesia
  • Mission & Project Support - independent guide to world-wide vehicle exports ; tax-free cars and 4x4's for diplomats, foreign service officers, and governmental and non governmental organizations, with emergency relief, aid and development projects
  • Moscow Expat Page
  • Move & Stay Australia - Provides serviced apartments apartment-hotels and serviced offices in Australia. City Guide and directories, Online Reservation, photos and virtual tours. General Information and Useful links for expatriate family and business travelers.
  • Nations Reunited - International Expat Website
  • NEXUS Expatriate Magazine Primarily for British and European readers, Expat Network publishes one of the finest magazines we have seen for overseas job seekers. The web site is dedicated to expatriates world wide linking you to Overseas jobs, Country Profiles, Healthcare, Expat Gift & Bookshop Plus in depth articles and industry reports on issues which affect expatriates.
  • Offshore Globe - Corporate offshore services, such as incorporating an offshore company
  • The Offshore Journal - Arnold Cornez was the first author/publisher of an email offshore newsletter and is the author of the popular "Offshore Money Book". His Offshore Journal is a news commentary about what's happening in the offshore financial centers of the world. He also exposes internet financial scams in his newsletter.
  • Offshore Outlook - Excellent Offshore magazine
  • Outpost - excellent expatriate information center
  • Net-Expat - place where Multinational HR Managers, Expatriates from all around the world and related service providers meet to build tomorrow’s mobility
  • Paris Anglo - another great site for English speaking expats in Paris
  • Passport 2 Manila - The complete online resource for expatriates moving to or living in Manila, Philippines.
  • People Going Global - Cultural and Expatriate Information for International Business Travelers
  • Spain Expat - a great site if you are planning to live in Spain or are already there
  • South Africans Worldwide - A South African's Home Away From Home 
  • South Africa Online - lots of great info on SA
  • SPIN - Provides the Stavanger Information Guide, which tells you all about getting the ordinary things done, from applying for child benefit to getting your TV-license, and attending free Norwegian language lessons
  • Tales from a Small Planet - online magazine offers the best in travel writing and humor with an international flavor, for expatriates, diplomats and international travelers
  • TCK World - the website for Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Military Brats, Missionary Kids, Foreign Service and Corporate Kids, and others who have lived as children in foreign cultures. The official home site for Operation Footlocker (OpFoot) -- the Mobile Military Brat Monument, and, Schools Without Walls (SWW) -- a meeting place for students, faculty, and administrators of TCK schools which no longer exist.
  • The - a web site dedicated to expatriates worldwide
  • The Informer - the magazine for expatriates living in Italy
  • Shanghai Expat - About living and working in Shahai
  • Tokyo American Club
  • Transitions Abroad - Excellent site for those intending on moving abroad for work or retirement
  • Transition Dynamics - A Constancy Serving the International Expatriate Community
  • This is Costa Blanca - The Costa Blanca in plain English - all the information you need to live on or move to the Costa Blanca.
  • UK  - great forum for Americans in the UK.
  • Union Jack Supplies - British food, tea, coffee and luxury items delivered to your door world wide. Special requests welcomed.
  • U.S. Expatriate Handbook - Guide to Living & Working Abroad - lots of great information!
  • Vietnam Expat - comprehensive database for the Expat living and working in Vietnam
  • summarizes requirements for visa and consulate information for every country in the world.
  • Woman Abroad - the first-choice source of support, inspiration, information and entertainment for women on the move.
  • Worldpreneur - A complete and comprehensive step-by-step guide to creating extra income while living abroad
  • Xpat shop - Your own British Supermarket online 7000+ products delivered world wide. Best Service, Best Prices.
  • Xpat Xperience - Information for those working in Singapore or contemplating to do so.
  • YKC Guide - web site for expats in Turkey. With the motto "your local connection"

·        Some Qatar Websites:   (American School of Doha)

Government & NGO Sites for Expatriates

·        Volunteer in China and Vietnam WLS International Ltd offers Volunteer Programs in China and Vietnam.

· - Specialist International Group Medical Insurance for NGO personnel.

·        A Broader View Volunteers Corp   A nonprofit Organization provides programs overseas in social programs. We are located in 22 Countries with 165 programs. Health Care, Education, Conservation, Indigenous Support, and much more.

NGOs and Practice Networks

International Health & Insurance Sites

·        AXA PPP Expatriate Health Insurance AXA PPP International offers affordable medical insurance to expats living abroad. Get a free quote online

·        William Russell International Health, Life & Income Insurance Plans for Expatriates. William Russell’s affordable international health, life and income insurance policies give you peace of mind while living abroad. The award winning specialists in insurance for expatriates provide high value benefit plans and outstanding customer service.

· - Specialist International Group Medical Insurance for NGO personnel. are Overseas Advisors for BUPA International, UK based and one of the world’s largest providers of international expatriate health insurance.

·        Pacific Prime International - A global health insurance broker that focuses on customer's needs before that of the insurer. International plans are available for expatriates living, working, or traveling anywhere in the world. international health insurance company which has over 40,000 clients worldwide. We are also the largest insurance brokerage in Asia with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and Hong Kong

·        Centers for Disease Control - Travelers Health Information 

·        Integra Global Personal Health - International health insurance plans for the international expatriate. 

·        International Insurance: Travel Health Medical Expat Insurance. ( Legend Travelers offers international health and travel insurance for individual, family, and groups traveling and living worldwide. Instant online quotes!

·        Dr. Kerr - English general practitioner now  working in Florence, Italy

·        Search Med 411 - Useful health links

·        The Takeheart Health Check - heart attack prevention service

·        World Health Organization - Excellent health and vaccination tips

·        Worldwidehealth (Health Directory, Articles, News and Information) - Health Directory, Heath Articles, Health News, Health Information, Health Advertising.

·        Expatplus - international expatriate medical insurance -Expatplus offers comprehensive quality international health insurance for families and companies with expats. The base package provides medical cover and evacuation. Options: dental, personal accident, temporary incapacity and permanent disability.

·        TFG Global Travel - International online travel insurance plan specialists! Sister division of Expat Financial™


· is a combination of social network and jobsite which offers Young Professionals and Students the chance to browse through hundreds of challenging international job and internship offers from prestigious employers. A professional profile can be created in order to be found by international recruiters and for networking with peers from around the globe. Becoming a member on iHipo is free and only requires a few minutes of time.

Organizations for Expatriates


·        IT Outsourcing Hong Kong, Computer support Hong Kong, IT solutions Hong Kong. Dual layer it solutions is best known for outsourcing computer support in Hong Kong, IT solutions in Hong Kong for more info visit us online at

·        Trowbridge offers Offshore and Onshore Outsourcing of Shared Services.

·        Outsourcing Management Services, L.L.C. – specializes in the management and administration of third-party outsourcing agreements.     

·        Peru Expat Resources Tax information, language study, Apartments for rent, luggage and health insurance, for foreign residents moving to Peru.

·        HR administration outsourcing - HTLC Network can supply its Expatriate Management Services, Corporate tax Consulting, Corporate registers management and legal, HR consulting with several hundreds of consultant, specialized and chartered in H.R., tax, corporate and legal matters.

International News Sites

  • CNN
  • British Expat Magazine: - the free online magazine, with loads of original content, for Brits worldwide!
  • The Economist Magazine
  • World Clock - Check out the time in major cities around the world
  • Offshore Finance Canada - source of information on offshore financial matters for Canadian professionals, investors, and business executives - also has a magazine published regularly
  • NEXUS Expatriate Magazine Primarily for British and European readers, Expat Network publishes one of the finest magazines we have seen for overseas job seekers. The web site is dedicated to expatriates world wide linking you to Overseas jobs, Country Profiles, Healthcare, Expat Gift & Bookshop Plus in depth articles and industry reports on issues which affect expatriates.
  • Asia Inc. Online - Business news and market closings and feature stories span Asia, and an Internet directory is searchable by country.

Relocation Sites

·        TRC Global Solutions - TRC delivers comprehensive relocation and international assignment services across the U.S. and in 150+ countries worldwide.

  • Above & Beyond Cargo - specialize in the packaging and transportation of household goods worldwide, that fall below a movers 2100 lb. minimum.
  • American Assistance Service - If you are planning to bring your foreign Fiancee or Spouse to the United States, we can assist you. We have a 100 percent success rate.
  • American Red Ball International - International Moving and Relocation Services with 30 years of experience in international removals and overseas transfers
  • Bali Properties Information - Villa for rent, Bungalow for rent, House for rent, All about renting and owning property in Bali. Info for Expats.
  • Bound4 - a great newsletter and web site for Human Resources Managers with lots of information on moving employees overseas. Some good individual expatriate information as well.
  • Canada Wise - will provide you and your family with personal support by assisting and advising you at all stages of your move, from planning and pre-departure needs right through to settling into your new country and learning about living and working in Canada
  • Compare International Moving Quotes - Compare international movers, cargo and storage quotes. Save time and money by posting ONE request and getting many free offers. National and international no obligation quotes.
  • Corporate Housing - free service for renters to find property. 
  • Cross Cultural Communication - Cross cultural communications training, relocation briefings, business etiquette tutoring, language tuition and translation services.
  • DK Prima - expat relocation & assistance in Indonesia
  • ERI Economic Research Institute - Relocation Assessor - ERI's Relocation Assessor software reports unlimited combinations of two-city relocation analyses using the most current research data available
  • International Career Employment Center - comprehensive source of international career positions
  • Canadian Relocation Resource - The Canadian Moving & Relocation Site
  • Sefco-Export - will help you move your "stuff" overseas
  • Euro Property Search - Europe´s #1 multilingual, fully searchable, online property listing and referral service
  • Hollander Moving - international storage and moving company
  • Hot Jobs - US jobs web site
  • Houston Apartments On-Line - Houston moving relocation rent and lease. Find Houston apartment information listings. Houston Texas apartments largest on-line selections
  • INTERNATIONAL STAFFING CONSULTANTS, INC. - America's leading employer paid contingency search firm since 1979. We never charge fees of any kind to candidates.
  • Interealty - Exclusive property in Calpe on the Costa Blanca, great for investment in Spain.
  • IT - International Information Technology employment web site
  • Kwintessential - Provides cross cultural communication training, language tuition and translation.
  • Living Abroad Consultants - A consulting firm with locations in Spain, Costa Rica, and Nova Scotia. Provides advice and logistical support for those seeking to live internationally.
  • Manora Property Market - your partner in Hua Hin Real Estate and Legal Service. Wir sind eine fuehrende Maklerfirma mit Sitz in Hua Hin.
  • Mobility Services International (MSI) -   providing worldwide employee relocation services to FORTUNE 500 companies and government agencies. MSI owns Relocation Journal & Real Estate News and Newsbreak, two award-winning online publications for corporate human
    resource and relocation professionals.
  • Monster Moving - Monster Moving is a moving and relocation resource that helps you manage the moving process by providing tools and information
  • Move & Stay - Provides serviced apartments apartment-hotels and corporate housing in Asia City Guide and directories, Online Reservation, photos and virtual tours. General Information and Useful links for expatriate family and business travelers.
  • People Going - are bicultural experts with over fifteen years experience working with international clients
  • Properties in Europe - European property portal with a searchable database of properties to buy and rent in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Includes unbiased information about the buying process and tax laws for French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese properties.
  • Prudential Relocation - For more than 30 years, Prudential Relocation has focused on providing services to meet the global mobility needs of corporations worldwide
  • Puddle Jumping - expat coach and acculturation specialist, working with successful professionals and their families as they transition through international relocation
  • Costa Serv - great site if you are in need of accommodations in Costa Del Sol
  • 1st Move International  - International Household Removals from the UK to over 5000 worldwide destinations. We offer full packing, shipping and insurance services for personal effects and household goods.
  • International Moving - helps secure several rates quotes for people relocating overseas
  • International Orientation Resources (IOR) - a leader in the field of cross-cultural training, is based in the Chicago metropolitan area and has representatives in over 60 cities worldwide.
  • Relocation Central - The Online Guide for People on the Move
  • NuKiwi - New Zealand Immigration, Investment, and Strategic Relocation Information & Resources
  • North American Van Lines - large company that provides great relocation services
  • Relocation Index - a central and completely free resource for companies, executives and agencies involved in relocation
  • SACO - World Apartments - SACO has an unrivalled collection of serviced apartments in city centre locations worldwide offering the comfort of a luxury hotel, with all the space, freedom and flexibility of home. A SACO serviced apartment is the ideal and cost effective alternative for business and leisure travellers tired of hotel living.
  • - Let 27 years of International Relocation Experience Move You Overseas.
  • - International Vehicle Relocation. We Ship ANY Vehicle ANYWHERE.
  • Singapore Expat - Singapore resources and information guide on expat relocation, living, housing. Expat forum, shopping, dating and classified property listings for Singapore real estate.
  • Spanish Property Pages - 100's of properties and independent agents in Andalucia, Spain
  • Sotogrande Williams, S.A. a small family company specializing in Sotogrande, Andalucia, Spain we offer that personal touch that will make buying property in Spain a pleasant experience
  • East West Consulting K.K. --Japan's Leading Executive Search Firm
  • People Going Global - communications consulting firm specializing in cross-cultural training based in Washington DC
  • Williams International Moving - delivering quality personalized service, without exception. Canada's most comprehensive network of offices and warehouses, affiliated with over 1,500 reputable agents around the world.
  • Windham International  - global supplier of relocation management and information. Includes highly detailed and practical country profiles, home finding services, and articles on relocation
  • Expatlandia - help companies & expatriates relocate successfully
  • Compass Relocation Guides Inc. - Expat relocation services for Canadian companies. Will help you create company policies & booklets for employees going overseas. 
  • Relocation Central - The Online Guide for People On the Move
  • WorldVu LLC - Publishes material on the Web and in print that provides practical information for businesses and organizations operating in countries throughout the world.

Investment & Offshore Banking Information Sites

  • Analysis Dowtrend -  Intraday trend forecast charts for Daytraders - research resource for investing on Dow
  • Ascot Advisory - Offshore Incorporations  ~  Offshore Banking  ~  Offshore Information
  • Forex For - Your Gateway To The Largest Financial Market In The World.  Great Technical Analysis Visuals, Free Daily Analysis, Streaming News & Live Forex Charts.  Forex For You Is The Most Polished & Informative Forex Site On The Web.
  • Freedom International - offshore banking & finance information site
  • GIL Financial Press - publications cover financial issues that affect overseas Americans
  • Hedgeco - Hedge Fund portal for hedge funds, fund of funds & hedge fund information
  • International Retirement Solutions LLC - about UK occupational or personal pensions and British pensioners who have or will retire in the US. 
  • Investment Index - Your online source for investment information!
  • Investors Offshore - The Full-Service Portal for all Offshore Investors
  • Offshore Library - Discount Mutual & Hedge fund supermarket. Offshore library caters for the offshore investor by offering information and support regarding offshore investing, banking, savings and company formations.
  • Offshore Press, Inc. -- Publisher of Global Asset Protection, Offshore Tax Strategies, the Global e-Commerce Monitor and the Offshore Internet Digest newsletters. Ask for three free samples of any newsletter
  • Offshore World - explore the world of offshore investments
  • Real Estate Investment UK - Acquisition agents for purchasers who are seeking UK property as either owner-occupier or for investment.
  • Red Sea Management, LTD - Free Offshore Newsletter. Please visit their site to subscribe
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (Nassau) Limited - one of the largest and fastest growing offshore banks in the world


Resume Writing Services

·        IT Resume Service specializes in creating high impact resumes, cover letters, and social network profiles for Information Technology professionals. Editor’s Choice! 

Search Engines

Taxes for Expatriates

·        Artio Partners is a leading boutique CPA firm specializing in US expatriate tax preparation and consulting services for American expats living abroad, dual citizens and foreign nationals. The areas of expertise are FBAR, FATCA, foreign real estate, foreign adoption, PFICs and controlled foreign corporations. CPA Expert Help.

· has been running for almost 2 years now and we have filed over 1,000 tax returns for American Expats living around the world.

·        Taxes for Expats is a NYC-based tax preparation firm specializing in helping Americans living all over the world file their U.S. tax returns. With 20 years of experience and clients in over 75 countries we are an ideal partner for your expat tax needs. (Excellent free newsletter too).

·        Bright!Tax © is an online US expat tax preparation company for the 5 million Americans who are living abroad. Our level of online service is over the top and our focus on precision and applying exacting methods takes the worry and the hassle out of filing your US expat taxes.  All CPAs. Secure. Precise. Guaranteed.  

·        Buckman-GTN - Full service chartered accountants and specialists in United States and New Zealand taxation services for expats world-wide

·        Cheryl Leydon - CPA -

·       Compass Tax - A very professional Canadian firm for individual expatriates and companies with employees overseas. Great tax and relocation advice and services.

·       Complete Business Services - File Tax - Provides excellent tax help for US and Canadian expatriates, such as tax returns. Have over 30 years of experience.

·       International Tax Services Group - CAs & CPAs - Provide US tax expertise & value to Canadian accountants, lawyers and their clients. Also assist US firms and citizens overseas with cross border tax issues.

·       Offshore Tax Strategies - Don't get scammed by hustlers with offshore tax deals that will just get you in trouble with the IRS. Offshore Tax Strategies exposes the scams, schemes and myths about saving taxes offshore for US citizens or residents

·       Gary Peters - CPA & Lawyer - specializes in expatriate taxation matters

·       Global TaxHelp.Com - Offers you a free initial consultation, followed by expert consultation-for-fee help online for any United States income and estate tax problem you may be facing

·       Hemisphere Tax Services LLC - specialized delivery of expatriate and foreign national individual income tax preparation and consulting. Also offer pre-assignment planning through repatriation.

·       Lehman Brown - china-focused accounting and consulting firm

· - lots of information on offshore e-commerce, jurisdictions and business

·       Lehman Brown - provide accounting and business advisory services primarily to international companies and expats coming to China.

·       Libra Accounting Thailand Ltd. - full accounting services for expatriates in Thailand.

·       Protax Consulting Services Inc. ("Protax") - leading professional services tax accounting and consulting firm specializing in the delivery of world class expat tax accounting and consulting services to individuals and small business corporations and partnerships

·       Robert R. McDonald Professional Corporation - A Canadian Chartered Accountant Specializing in Personal Income Taxes for People Entering or Leaving Canada and for Canadians Working Abroad

·       Taxhelper.Com- Klarin & Associates is a very special group of CPAs, experts at finding ways to pay the least amount of taxes

·       Tax Negotiators - Resolving tax problems, tax problem help, IRS tax problem & back tax help

· - Andrew J. Powers & Company - Global Business & Personal Tax Solutions for Expatriate & Domestic Relocations. 

·       TROWBRIDGE PROFESSIONAL CORPORATION - focuses on expatriate tax issues for Canadian that live and work abroad along with newcomers to Canada

·       US - International Tax Services Group in Canada is dedicated to providing US tax expertise and value to Canadian accountants, lawyers and their clients.

·        Vernon K. Jacobs, CPA - Vernon Jacobs is the co-author and publisher of Offshore Tax Strategies (with J. Richard Duke) and The Offshore Journal (with Arnold Cornez). He provides extensive tax tips and guidance at his web site along with his "Best Tax Links" and his "Best International Links"

Travel Information Sites

Legal and Visa and Immigration Services

·        Jobs in America for Non USA Citizens – Free Job portal of American firms advertising that they will sponsor foreign nationals for jobs in the USA.

·        IMMIGRATION LAW: U.S. Immigration Legal Advice from John R. Alcorn, Esq.
The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn specialize in working with corporations and individuals who are interested in information about U.S. immigration law. Mr. Alcorn is a former Director of International Staffing Consultants, Inc. When we need an Immigration Attorney, we call John Alcorn.

·        Australian and UK Visas - Visaconnect specializes in immigration law; work, business, family and all temporary or permanent visas for Australia and the United Kingdom.

·        Global Visas Find out if your qualify the visa type you desire or get alternatives for your choice from the legal experts at Global Visas, specialized in immigration laws in the US, Australia, Canada and other countries.

  • C&N Constantinou & Co - firm of professional accountants and lawyers, offering in the most dedicated and confidential manner, services to the offshore business world.
  • Expats - Istanbul based relo company staffed by seasoned expats answering the A-Z needs of incoming foreign newcomers.
  • Expatriate Financial Services - specializes in providing totally independent
    comprehensive, ongoing, flexible financial services and global tax planning
    to Expatriates throughout the world.
  • Executive - David L. Thomas Law Corporation's web site for business people, skilled professionals and Film/Sports people moving to Canada. Assists clients and families through the process and organizes their affairs for new life in Canada.
  • Foreign Service Community Organization - volunteer organization dedicated to the welfare of the employees, spouses and dependants of the Canadian foreign service
  • H. Arnold Sherman - International Tax Consultant with over 30 years of experience in the international tax field.
  • McDowell CPA PC - provides accounting, auditing, tax and business advice to foreign businesses entering the US market and American or other foreign businesses entering the Central and Eastern European markets
  • ILW.COM - The Immigration Portal
  • Immigration Lawyers on the Web - access to US immigration lawyers and information
  • JOHN R. MOTT, CA CFP - great source for those in need of expatriate tax preparation
  • J Q International - Has helped people to invest, retire and succeed with their businesses in Spain for nearly two decades
  • Law Offices of Carl Shusterman - lots of information and resources for immigrating to the USA
  • Lehman Law - China's leading full service private law firm with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and throughout the country.
  • My - National Immigration Services provides quality business and family immigration legal representation. The firm has helped clients all around the world obtain U.S. green cards, K-1, H-1B, L-1, and E work visas.
  • Robert A. Perkins & Associates -  Providing immigration services throughout the world
  • Virtual Office Services Regus provide office services, including mail forwarding and virtual offices to people around the world.
  • summarizes requirements for visa and consulate information for every country in the world.
  • Relocation Tax Services - specializes in meeting the U.S. tax preparation and consulting needs of relocated individuals
  • - Specialist Immigration Lawyers providing solutions tailored to your needs
  • Relex Relocation & Expatriate Service - specialized service-provider dedicated to making international career-moves a good experience both for the transferee and the company
  • Sacks & Kolken -  A full service immigration law firm, which concentrates its practice in assisting citizens of  Canada and others to obtain lawful status in the United States.
  • US Immigration Lawyers - Nationwide directory of lawyers and law firms specializing in US immigration laws, organized by zip code.
  • Val Wallace - US immigration & visa lawyer


Translation Services

·        WorldAccent Translation London based translation agency providing translation, typesetting and localisation in the world's languages to international businesses and NGOs. Website details their translation services plus a blog and translation jargon guide.

·        Argos - a professional translation company that provides translation services for numerous global 1000 companies.

·        Skrivanek is rated as one of ‘The Common Sense Advisory's 25 Top Performing Translation Companies' in the world, and has been providing professional translation services for more than 15 years. We have more than 50 branches in 13 countries and are able to provide top quality translations performed by native in-country translators.

·        Lingo24 provides professional language translation and other services to blue chip companies and other translation agencies throughout the world.

·        thebigword Translation One of the world’s top ten translation companies, we specialise in creating tailor made solutions to our customers’ language needs.  thebigword is uniquely placed to offer a service to every business type.  Large enough to handle the most complex multilingual projects, yet receptive enough to provide a personal and friendly service, we can deliver a complete language management solution.  Our services including translation, website localisation, interpreting, international voice-overs and recruitment are available in over 140 languages.

·        Korea Chonha Translation Company -We are a leading translation & interpretation company based in Korea

·        Translation Services Company - One Stop Shop Translations One Stop Shop is a specialized localisation and translation vendor offering over 100 languages The company provides services including Interpreting, Language Translation and Website and software Translation.

·        CNX Translation is a translation and localization company based in Hong Kong specialized in English, Thai, Chinese and French languages.

·        Translation services by wintranslation - professional translation, typesetting and localization services in Ottawa, Canada for Chinese, Arabic, Russian and other 70 languages

Videoconferencing and Interview Facilities

·        TKO VideoConferencing offers high quality worldwide video conferencing facilities and rental of public rooms. We provide services and solutions with unparalleled attention to your objectives, anywhere around the globe you may need to meet.

·        Virtual Office Services Regus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, offering the widest range of products and services that allow individuals and companies to work however, wherever, and whenever they need to. Regus operates over 950 business centres across 400 cities in 70 countries. Products and services include fully furnished, equipped and staffed offices, world-class business support services, meeting conference and training facilities and the largest network of public videoconference rooms all serving over 200,000 clients daily.

Miscellaneous Sites

·        The SHRM Global Learning System is the only comprehensive preparation program for the GPHR certification exam. It's the only reference tool for HR professionals with international and cross-border responsibilities.

  • Abbey Business Offices  - Serviced office, Meeting Rooms and training facilities for mobile businesses. UK, Europe and Worldwide
  • Accord – Language School -  the language training center in Paris
  • Alexander Forbes Insurance Agency Ltd - International Vehicle Insurance site for expats and diplomats
  • Bennett Associates: An intercultural management, training and consulting firm.
  • Canadian - homepage for the Canadian Oil patch
  • Expat Shopping - THE PREMIER site for British food deliveries - offering the widest range of products and services at competitive prices - and all delivered to your front door!
  • Expat Media - To provide a full list and web page of English business in and around the Torrevieja (Spain) for all to access.
  • GlobalCAN - provides employee benefits and payroll (admitted and legal) for local nationals.
  • Prospective Management Overseas - Consultants assisting their Clients in the study and the realization of their Overseas Projects
  • Global Volunteer Network - offers volunteer opportunities in community projects throughout the world
  • HowseCom International - helps you reduce international telephone charges
  • - Auto Insurance Quotes, Health Insurance Quotes, plus Homeowners and Life Insurance Guide
  • Kemwel - Save on long term rentals with a short term lease. The all inclusive, tax-free, short term car lease are available to any one over the age of 18 years of age. Select from over 50 factory new vehicles in Europe.
  • - Provides information on tax shelters.
  • REALS - A Comprehensive Real Estate Directory
  • Search - lots of valuable information and links
  • Solo Sessions - international lifestyle coach
  • UK Insurance Pages Directory - Comprehensive directory of the UKs most popular insurance company websites sorted into100 categories. Updated and refreshed daily.
  • UK Schools For You - they are able to arrange education at UK Independent Schools and Universities for overseas students.  They can also place pupils form 10 years old right through to Postgraduate level
  • Virtual Living - Global calling at local prices. Call any country to any country from any telephone in the world.
  • Citynet Citynet keeps tabs on accommodations, museums and much more in more than 2.200 cities around the globe.

·       Encyclopaedia Arabica The University of Texas offers one of the most extensive and well-linked websites for information on the Arab world and Middle Eastern culture.

·       Expat Financial brokers a range of insurance and financial plans designed specifically for expatriates of any nationality around the world. We provide a wide array of international life, health and disability insurance and investment products for the expatriate living abroad and some local nationals where conditions permit. We are not tied to any insurance company as we are accountable to you, the client. We search the marketplace to supply quality insurance and financial plans that fit your needs and budget. We have extensive experience in working with individual expats, their employers and other advisors.

·        Expatriate Services - ER Limited offers international human resource, employee benefit & compensation, salary survey & expatriate services. Compensation, Employee Benefit, and Organizational Consultancy

·       Fédération des Employeurs Européens/The Federation of European Employers (FedEE) is the organization for major employers operating across Europe.  The Federation was founded in 1989 with assistance from the European Commission.

·       FOREIGN LANGUAGE SERVICES UNIVERSAL HIGHWAYS, Inc. Success through World Languages and Cultures -Translation, Interpreting and Instruction in more than 50 languages.

·       Foreign Exchange Rates - easy money converter.

·       How far is it? Want to know how far it is from anywhere to anywhere? Enter two cities and get the distance between them in miles and kilometers within seconds, then view a map linking the two locations.

·       IMMIGRATION LAW: U.S. Immigration Legal Advice from John R. Alcorn, Esq.
The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn specialize in working with corporations and individuals who are interested in information about U.S. immigration law. Mr. Alcorn is a former Director of International Staffing Consultants, Inc. When we need an Immigration Attorney, we call John Alcorn.

·       International Business Resources On The Web A very comprehensive resource of international information and extensive links to international business information and sources.

·       International Links for Human Resources Professionals are available through the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). Although many of their links are also listed on our page, SHRM also lists many international HR societies and associations. If you can not find what you need on our site. Check our SHRM.

·       INTJOBS.ORG ( regularly updated, ads-free non-commercial website listing openings from government and non-commercial agencies. This is an ads-free, non-commercial resource categorized and grouped by country, organization and type. At the moment database contains vacancies from 30 different international organizations.

·       International Moving Agents How to move people and household effects to anywhere in the world.

·       International Orientation Resources is a world leader in the filed of intercultural training and consulting since 1979.

·       International Relocation Services. BR Anchor Publishing--recognized experts in relocation. Beverly D. Roman, Publisher, is the author of seven relocation books and publishes the quarterly newsletter, Relocation...2000. We offer hands-on, cost-effective worldwide relocation direction for individuals as well as corporations.

·       International Trade Law - Provides a comprehensive library of treaties, conventions, model laws international organizations and more.

·       Goodhealth Worldwide - International health medical insurance for expats. provides health and medical insurance plans to expatriates of all nationalities, providing health insurance cover almost anywhere in the world.

·       KPMG International - International Public Accounting firm with expertise in expatriate issues with offices throughout the world. Superior source of expatriate tax and benefit advice and specialists in establishing overseas compensation programs.

·       KPMG Canada - Wide range of information about doing business in Canada, including articles, reports, surveys, and resources.

·       Legal: The ICL Directory offers an extensive list of legal and financial experts in more than 100 countries worldwide, also information on business setup and tax rates as well as links to national and international organizations within the law and finance sector, e.g. bar associations, courts, chambers of commerce etc.

·       Landseer OnLine ( provides links to selected Internet sites with information, services, and products to aid you in preparing for your next international business trip.

·        Living Abroad Publishing Country-specific information for people planning to relocate overseas.

·       Medical - AEA International is a Singapore based medical assistance company offering services around the globe ranging from medical evacuation services to staffing of remote site clinics. With 1300 employees, 260 of whom are full time physicians, nurses or paramedics, AEA delivers services to over 1500 corporate and government clients around the world, as well as to private citizens living and travelling abroad. Phone (860) 657-8205

·       Medibroker - Private Medical Insurance especially for expatriates living or working abroad. Free advice and free quotations.

·       MEDexpat, the one stop shop for international medical insurance, offering advice and services to expatriates of any nationality.

·       Welcome to Middle East Newsline, a defense news service by independent journalists with a real understanding of the region.

·       National Personnel Associates (NPA) We are proud to be a member of America's largest and oldest association of search firms.

Relocation Services


·       Relocation:  Biz-Stay - Corporate Housing - Global directory of corporate housing, extended stay hotels, and serviced apartments in over 3,000 destinations.

·       Rubicon Digital Passport - International Business Information Rubicon Digital Passport provides a wealth of business oriented information, including currency exchange rates, international delivery service providers, guides to international airports, embassy info and time-zone listings.

·       The Saudi Arabia Information Resource, contains more than 2,000 pages of information on every aspect of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Other International Resources and Sites

·       Saudi Times – News and links for Saudi Arabia.

·       TradePort (International Trade)- Over 10,00 pages of in-depth market research and trade data for over 150 Countries.

·       Travel/Country Information GNN TC internet resources for country specific locations.

·       US Centers for Disease Control Vaccinations required for travel to various geographical areas.

·       USDC's International Trade Administration U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration offers trade data by country, region and industry sector as well as info on Export Assistance Centers around the U.S., a national export directory and detailed background on all U.S. trading partners.

·       What Time Is It? Find out what time it is anywhere in the world

· Trying to plan an international conference call or set up a time for a phone screen with a candidate in another country? Here is a quick and easy link that allows for you to enter your locations and find a convenient time for all parties: This Web site will also allow you to convert from your current time zone to any global locations

·       UK work permit applications  Smith Stone Walters are UK leaders in the provision of work permits for people wanting to work in the UK.

·       Working in the UK – International Work Permits - A UK work permit organisation that deals with all work permit & visas for UK companies and individuals.

·       World Fact Book This CIA publication puts very detailed facts about the world are at your fingertips. Also provides maps and other free international information.

·       World Trade Centers Association We are proud members of WTCA, the world's largest organization of international business service providers. WTCA provides extensive trade information and country specific topics and links 

Global Virtual Offices

·        Virtual Office ServicesRegus is the world’s largest provider of workplace solutions, offering the widest range of products and services that allow individuals and companies to work however, wherever, and whenever they need to. Regus operates over 950 business centres across 400 cities in 70 countries. Products and services include fully furnished, equipped and staffed offices, world-class business support services, meeting conference and training facilities and the largest network of public videoconference rooms all serving over 200,000 clients daily.

 Global HR Links and Information From SHRM

Global Publications From SHRM

  • AON Global Forum. Quarterly international benefits and compensation-related publications from a human capital and management consulting firm with headquarters in Chicago
  • Baker & McKenzie newsletters. Newsletters covering issues in most major economic regions from a law firm headquartered in Chicago
  • CIA World Factbook. The World Factbook provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.
  • Coudert Brothers newsletters. Newsletters covering international legal developments from a law firm with headquarters in New York
  • Eversheds press releases. UK employment law news releases from a law firm headquartered in London, UK (can also sign up for free email "HR E-Briefings")
  • Fragomen, Del Rey, Bernsen & Loewy news. United States-focused immigration and nationality law news from a global law firm with offices in the Americas, Europe and the Asia/Pacific region
  • Hewitt Associates articles. Library of articles on HR, payroll and benefits outsourcing from a global human resources outsourcing firm headquartered in Illinois
  • International Benefits Information Service. Reporting service about pensions and other employee benefit programs in all parts of the world
  • Interchange Institute. Nonprofit organization researching intercultural transition issues
  • Pacific Bridge Asian HR eNewsletters. Library of monthly newsletters discussing Asian HR topics from Washington, D.C.-based consulting company
  • Watson Wyatt Global News Briefs. Selection of articles covering global compensation and employment issues from a human capital and financial management consulting firm headquartered in Washington, D.C., and Surrey, UK
  • World Labor News. Up-to-the-minute tracker of global workplace-related news headlines and links compiled by the ILO.

If your company would like to be included as an additional resource, please e-mail us describing your business or service and the category where it should be listed.

Please advise us if you have any difficulty connecting to our links and we will repair them immediately

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new.gifJobs in America for Non-USA Citizens


Free Job portal for American firms advertising that they will sponsor foreign nationals for jobs in the USA.




Free U.S. Immigration Legal Advice

The Law Offices of John R. Alcorn specializes in working with US corporations and individuals who are interested in information about U.S. immigration law. Mr. Alcorn is a former Director of International Staffing Consultants, Inc. When we need an Immigration Attorney, we call John Alcorn.










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